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Foreign Rights

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

We are a young, dynamic publisher of children's books with high standards and a passion for suspenseful books.
In a world that gets more and more hectic every day, we regard a good book as an important balance.

In our striving for excellence, we ask children instead of critics how they like our books - who could tell us better about children's books than the children themselves?

Fun, adventure, and suspense are the essential ingredients of our books.

We love to accompany children and young people on a little piece of their way in life.

Please contact us at foreign.rights@katiki.de, and we will be happy to send you more details on our products, and on the availability of specific rights.

Also, should you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

A selection of our books:

Silva Norica - A Forest Full of Adventures

("Silva Norica - Ein Wald voller Abenteuer") by Dirk Traeger

  It started all so harmless: Searching for the teddy bear of his
  younger brother, Patrick discovers a tunnel that leads him into the
  adventure of his life. In Silva Norica, the northern forest, Patrick
  has to find his way in a medieval world.
  How he would love to get back home, but the tunnel that led him

  there disappeared.
  Only a magic crystal can open up a way back home. To get this
  crystal, Patrick has to travel through mysterious woods full of
  dangers and adventures. But he is not alone ...

 Highly recommended by the study group "Youth Literature and

 Media" of the German union for education and science!

What children say:

"An imaginative and suspense-packed book!"       Katarina Karpenko, 12 years old

"A great adventure book with a lot of funny and suspenseful moments. It's only  too short."
        Marvin Schulze, 11 years old

"You can't stop reading it!"          Laura Engelbrecher, 11 years old

Silva Norica - Adventures in the City

("Silva Norica - Abenteuer in der Großstadt") by Dirk Traeger

  These are the most thrilling holidays Patrick has ever had:
  Spying late at night, furious chases and vacant villas!
  A small wolf gets kidnapped in Silva Norica, the medieval northern

  forest, and brought into Patrick's world, right into a modern

  major city.
  Together with Roderick, the fox, and Goran, a full-grown wolf,

  Patrick sets off for the adventuresome quest.
  It doesn't take long, and they become targets themselves!
  The friends have to take high risks to escape their persecutors and

  free the small wolf before it's too late ...


What children say:

"The most thrilling book I've ever read!"       Laura Engelbrecher, 11 years old

"This book is too thrilling not to read!"        Rozelin Top, 12 years old

"It's really thrilling!"          Kevin Dulny, 12 years old

Award winning
Silva Norica - Conspiracy in the Moors

("Silva Norica - Verschwörung im Moor") by Dirk Traeger

  "Great", grumbled Patrick. "A fox and a boy from another world

  sneak into a castle and search for a secret, well hidden tunnel while

  the castle is crowded with guards."
  "That's it", answered the fox. "Let's go!"

  Seeking revenge, Kurgan the dwarf kidnaps Patrick's little brother

  Lukas. Patrick has no choice: He has to enter Silva Norica, the

  mystic northern forest, and free Lukas. Together with his friends

  he challenges Kurgan, but soon they are caught between the lines of

  antagonized dwarfs ...

Awarded with the "LesePeter des Monats", the highly-regarded literature award of the study group "Youth Literature and Media"
of the German union for education and science!

What children say:

"The book was so thrilling, and I really felt for Patrick."       Mark Lugtenburg, 11 years old

"161 thrilling pages!."        Sophie Stahl, 11 years old

"Sometimes you think you really are in  the story."          Hannah Hentschel, 11 years old

"This book is so thrilling you can't put it down after you have started reading."
               Oliver Erhardt, 12 years old

Silva Norica - A Surprising Adventure

("Silva Norica - Ein überraschendes Abenteuer") by Dirk Traeger

  Those aren’t dogs, grandmother White suddenly realised, they are

  She hurried back to the tunnel. On the rough ground, this was very

  difficult. The howling drew nearer and nearer, but finally she could

  see the entrance.
  Not soon enough, she thought, but then the ground trembled and 

  the tunnel began to close.
  „No!“, cried grandma and rushed forward, but it was too late: The

  tunnel had disappeared.

  Grandma White had never imagined she would reach Silva Norica,

  the mysterious ancient northern forest. Unexpectedly a tunnel

  appears, but as soon as she steps out, she gets arrested. The people of Silva Norica think that she is a witch, and this brings her into great danger.
Her grandsons Patrick and Lukas are not afraid of taking risks and go searching for her. Roderick, the fox, the dwarfs and the wolves are all willing to help, but grandma has been imprisoned at the Earl’s castle. And the castle is extremely well guarded ...

Editors note: This book wasn't planned, but so many children insisted that the adventures in Silva Norica had to go on ...

What children say:

"This books is thrilling and fun."       Jonathan Michel, 12 years old

"A book full of fantasy, suspense and mystic moments."        Laura Michalak, 13 years old